The KZN Science Centre has kicked-off its series of Outreach Interventions for 2013, starting with the PSG Outreach Programme. The Outreach programmes are a complement of curriculum-linked workshops which were researched and designed by highly qualified BSc graduate Education Officers.

The aim of the Outreach venture is to take science to the community, more particularly, to promote the fascinating world of Science and to inspire and encourage young minds to think outside the realms of their work. In a short space of just two months, since the beginning of the 2013 school term, The KZN Science Centre Education Outreach Team have visited over 20 000 learners, conducting essential practicals to aid their understanding of seemingly difficult topics such as Electricity.

Our passionate and dedicated team have been focussed on setting the tone for the school year ahead by motivating and inspiring learners to study hard and appreciate the vast benefits of Mathematics, Science and Technology subjects.

To date, The KZN Science Centre has travelled to districts ranging from Ugu District, eThekwini, iLembe, Umtshezi, and Umkhanyakude Municpality Districts.

Chief Executive Office of The KZN Science Centre, Mrs Candice Potgieter, took time to visit one of the participating schools, Allingham Primary in Phoenix, Durban. Mrs Potgieter stated: “it is fantastic to report that the learners have received our Outreach programmes extremely well. We believe that education should be available to ALL learners from every socio-economic background, thus initiatives such as our Outreach Intervention help us in fulfilling our mandate of educating, inspiring and motivating our youth into the world of Mathematics, Science and Technology.”

Mrs J. Pillay, a Mathematics and Science educator (Grade 7) from Allingham Primary echoed Mrs Pogieter’s statements: “our learners crave the hands-on experience that The KZN Science Centre has brought to them. The practicals conducted in the Outreach Programme assists us in explaining concepts to the learners in a more visual manner, by allowing us to refer back to the activities that they engaged in with the outreach education officers. I strongly advise every school to participate in this initiative and allow The KZN Science Centre to bring Science to Life.”