The KwaZulu-Natal Science Centre is proud to announce its association with the prestigious Afrisun KwaZulu-Natal Community Development Trust in providing essential education to the children of KwaZulu-Natal.

At an impressive luncheon, The KZN Science Centre was announced as one of the beneficiaries of the trust. The Afrisun KwaZulu-Natal Community Development Trust is a public benefit organisation (PBO) that, over the years since its establishment, has been utilizing its funds for the benefit, welfare, maintenance, and development of communities.

Trustees, Mr Vivian Reddy, Judge Vuka Tshabalala, and Mr Tristan Kaatze on behalf of the Afrisun KZN Community Development Trust proudly handed over a sponsorship of a remarkable R1, 2 million over to The KZN Science Centre. The Chairman Mr Sunil Geness and Chief Executive Officer Mrs Candice Potgieter of The KZN Science Centre board was on hand to receive this notable donation to continue with the important work that is undertaken by The KZN Science Centre.

This generous donation will be used by The KZN Science Centre team to visit over 50 000 learners and educators in the Northern Districts of KZN. Science & Mathematics Programmes will be carried out to learners and educators using interactive practical equipment. These educational programmes are curriculum linked and supplement the teaching within schools. The practical element allows exposure of learners to hands on learning especially within the disadvantaged schools that have no access to practical equipment or laboratory infrastructure.

Mrs Potgieter was delighted with this substantial contribution by the Afrisun KZN Community Development Trust “On behalf of  The KZN Science Centre, I would like to thank the trustees Mr Vivian Reddy, Judge Vuka Tshabalala and Mr Tristan Kaatze as well as Ms Kudzai Mqingwana for this outstanding contribution from The Afrisun KZN Community Development Trust in helping us to reach out to more disadvantaged children and communities in KZN and as such, play a pivotal role in educating, guiding and shaping our future generation of scientists, mathematicians and young professionals.”