ECD Programme


At the KZN Science Centre we believe in developing young minds and have developed our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme to encourage lateral thinking in our youngest visitors.

  • Alphabet sort- The instructor shuffles up a set of alphabet cards, then kids try to put them back into order as quickly as possible.
  • Number twister- Kids use a mat with numbers to learn numbers by putting their hand or foot in the number the instructor tells them to put. They also learn the difference between left and right
  • Animal Alphabets- Kids learn how to learn the alphabets by naming the animals which starts with a certain alphabet.(We have an animal for each alphabet). They also learn about different kinds of animals. (Science Centre card pack)
  • Number Dial- Using paper plates to teach children about numbers. Take two paper plates, divide the one paper plate in 5 equal parts then you write one to five in each section. Draw circles to represent the relevant numbers in each section. In the second plate cut out a triangle shape, then put the two plates together and use puncher for the hole in the centre, then use pipe cleaner in the centre and knot the end.
  • Create a story book-By using a Science Centre – compiled book with words and no pictures, kids draw their own pictures that go along with the words with help from their parents in reading the story.

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