Education is the best stepping stone to a better career, believes 24 year old Ashlen Chetty who hails from Chatsworth – As a Junior Education Officer at The KZN Science Centre, he should know.
Chetty joined the KZNSC in March 2014 as an intern and really enjoys his work. ” I enjoy the travelling and fact that I get to meet many different kinds of people that I would have never met on my own. I also enjoy that we get to help many disadvantaged kids the are doing science and need our help,” he explains.
Looking back over his own career so far, Chetty says he wanted to be a marine biologist or an environmental scientist when he was growing up as he was always interested in the environment and the workings of the environment. He was able to realise his ambitions and graduated with a BSc in Environmental Science from University of KwaZulu Natal in 2012.
He believes that the work he does at the KZNSC is important because it promotes science in schools and inspires the public to pursue a future in science. “Our Outreach program is very important because we help learners from different schools to grasp the practical part of science to help them get a better understanding of the curriculum, with the hope that they can improve their results at school and improve their futures.”
He says he would like to see the KZNSC reaching more learners through its outreach programmes so that more disadvantaged learners can have access to the practical equipment needed to supplement the theory they learn at school. ” I would also like to get the KZNSC more involved in bursary schemes that can help learners that have the ability to successfully pursue a career in science and technology and help make their dreams and goals a reality”, he shares.
Looking to the future, Chetty plans to continue his own academic career and will begin studying towards his honours and Masters this year. ” While studying, I would like to further my career within the KZNSC or another education institution like KZNSC. I would eventually like to be part of the managing team that educates and empowers the youth,” he says.
When he is not imparting a love for science to youngsters or studying, he enjoys spending time at the beach and relaxing with his family, playing video games, watching sport, going to the movies and reading the newspapering manga (Japanese comics).