Kesigan Govender

Education Officer

Kesigan Govender KZNSC

Kesigan Govender, an Education Officer at the KZN Science Centre since 2012, believes that one should, “Always ask questions to things you do not know because you are never too old to learn and with learning comes understanding.” The 26 year old from Chatsworth enjoys ‘demystifying’ science for all and thus allows him to fulfill his own mandate of showing kids just how fun science can be.

As a student, Kesigan always wanted to become a forensic analyst or Doctor but soon found out that his true passion laid elsewhere. “My aptitude for science and technology caused me to delve into the world of Biological Sciences and Genetics where I eventually got my BSc in it from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Westville).” After completing his studies, Kesigan joined the KZN Science Centre family and has been an employee ever since.

“I believe that it is important to interact with learners on a personal level to show them that it is possible to be whatever they desire no matter where they come from or what they have. It is only then that they are able to speak confidently to us and that allows us to help them on a more understanding level. It gives me great pleasure to watch them practice what they have learnt when they show their peers what they believe science is about. “

“Although many believe science is a difficult subject, it is made easier using physical experimentation which is what the KZN Science Centre is about. Making textbooks come to life and making science accessible to everyone is who we are.” He adds that all it takes for someone to be good in science is inspiration to do the subject.

Kesigan believes the KZN Science Centre has the ability to become the most renowned Centre in the Southern Hemisphere and through hard-work and determination, it can aim to be a ‘World Class’ Science Centre. “I believe the team has what it takes to push past its previous limits and venture into the deepest parts of South Africa spreading the knowledge and excitement of the Science field and one day maybe even the rest of the world.”

Keeping science communication going is one of his great passions but he has not yet forgotten about his end goal which is to become a qualified forensic analyst and start to help the nation in a different way.

In his spare time Kesigan enjoys gaming, socializing and driving relatively faster than usual. He is not one to shy from a ‘go kart’ challenge.


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