Career Jamboree


Career Jamboree is weighted with informative resources and comprised of a careers/motivation talk by fully trained BSc graduate education officers, giving information about subject selection; its importance in their schooling careers and this year includes the possibilities that lie outside of their communities if they stay in school and matriculate. The programme’s workshops will be enhanced to focus on the psychometrics of the learners through self-investigation of their aptitudes and abilities, personality traits, attitudes and educational achievements. The objective being to allow learners to discover more about themselves and using the tools provided, create milestones towards educational achievements and career success.

Roughly 50% of learners in KZN enrolled in grade 9 make it to matric. This staggering statistic reflecting KZN’s “lost children” is being blamed on poverty, teenage pregnancy, child-headed households and poor sexual health choices. Figures from the Basic Education Department also reveal that of the 264 000 KZN pupils enrolled in Grade 10 in 2012, only 148 000 were eligible to sit for the final exams as full time pupils. The social welfare of our learners is a priority, however this coupled with education can act as a tool allowing learners to make informed decisions about the future and an opportunity to overcome the social ills faced in their communities


  • Improved ability of learners to make correct subject choices based on their aptitudes.
  • Selection of subject combinations by learners that will benefit their tertiary education choices.
  • Exposure of learners to the impacts of HIV / AIDS.
  • Choice of learners to remain in school and successfully complete matric.

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